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The vision of EEXCESS is to reveal and interconnect the treasures of European culture, science and education.

European museums, archives, libraries and other cultural aggregators hold vast resources of cultural, scientific and educational content—scientific research, historical sound recordings, images of sculptures, films, sheet music and much more. This highly specialised, carefully curated content is still largely untapped and invisible to the general public. In the Internet context it is therefore often referred to as the long-tail (i.e. a huge body of specialised knowledge existing in the World Wide Web, but hidden from most users).


The vision of EEXCESS is to connect these valuable resources with the main stream content available via internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. Our research is based on the simple principle of taking the content to the user, not the user to the content. We want to bring the information directly to the users’ working environment, on their favourite platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and their preferred devices (tablets, smartphones etc.). Instead of navigating through a multitude of libraries, repositories and databases, users will find relevant and specialised information in their habitual environment. By this means, we will bring the long-tail content to the surface, where it can be put to new and different uses.


As these improvements depend to a large degree on persons providing information about their usage behaviour (i.e. click-rates, technical details of the devices used etc.), privacy protection issues play a large role in the research goals of EEXCESS. Data will only be collected with prior and express permission of users and anonymised.

Thus unfolding the treasures of culture, science and education for the benefit of all users in both their professional and private lives, EEXCESS will contribute to cultural, scientific and economic prosperity throughout the European Union.