Cite As You Write

Writing an essay or a paper and needing new input? The EEXCESS Google Docs Add-On shows you recommendations from cultural or academic databases which you can include as references in your text by one click.

Ready to install plug-ins

Download from Google Web Store

Installation Guide

The add-on is bound to a Google Account, this means, to install the plugin you need to be logged in with Google.
a) Installation from a Google Docs document: The add-on then can either be installed from any Google Docs document via the menu Add-ons -> Get add-ons, then search for E-Explorer. Click the button Button  to install the plugin. Then a dialogue appears asking you to grant the add-on permissions on your documents. Or
b) Directly access the Google Web Store page with the URL Then a dialogue appears asking you to grant the add-on permissions on your documents.

In both cases you have to grant the add-on access to your documents to get installed and work properly.


Guided Tour

To start with the Google Docs add-on follow these steps (click on the screenshots to enlarge them):

  1. Start the add-on from the menu add-on -> E-Explorer ->Start


    In case the menu only shows “E-Explorer->Help” and “Start” is missing, do the following:

    • click on “Addons->Manage Add-ons”
    • Select E-Explorer and “Activate for this document”
    • RELOAD the document in the browser
  2. Highlight a phrase in your document. E-Explorer searches related content and displays it on the sidebar.GoogleDocs_2
  3. Explore the content by clicking on the list entry. This brings you to a page with more detailed information about the digital object.
  4. If you want to include the resource in your document either include it as a link using the link icon or as an image using the image icon. GoogleDocs_3GoogleDocs_4

    Source Code and License

    The source code of the EEXCESS Google Docs plugin is available from github: The plugin is published under the Apache License Version 2.0.