Discover new resources while surfing the web

Do you research new topics online? The EEXCESS Chrome extension can help you with finding documents, papers, pictures… from unexpected and not so well known sources.
Please watch our screencast to get a first overview:

Installation Guide

Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store

For this is an extension for Chrome, you need either Chrome or Chromium to use EEXCESS at the current state. After opening the link, click on the “Free” button and confirm the next dialog.



The EEXCESS extension then is accessible via chrome://extensions/.

Guided Tour

The extension is visible as a light grey bar at the bottom of every web page as shown in Figure 6. The paragraph automatically detected as active is outlined in green within the web page. The extracted keywords are visible at the bottom of the page, together with the main topic of the paragraph (bottom left). Additional search tools are available. A query is automatically sent and the number of retrieved results is indicated on the bottom right. Keywords can be added or deleted. A keyword can become the main topic by simply dragging it on the main topic field.

(Please click on the screenshots to enlarge them)


When the result indicator (bottom right) is clicked, the search result list becomes visible. Results can be sorted and filtered.


Source Code and License

The source code of the EEXCESS Chrome browser extension is available from github: The extension is published under MIT license.