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The EEXCESS technologies serve as recommendation tools for your online activities. You, as a user, get personally tailored recommendations from cultural and scientific databases without having to explicitly search for this content. EEXCESS tools integrate into your ongoing working process. You don´t have to leave the website you are currently reading or the content management system you are currently editing.
Please find a deep description of all features and the technical details in the Deliverable EEXCESS-D5.2-First Prototype on User Profile and Context Detection, Usage Analysis Methods and Services.

So far, EEXCESS tools recommend data from the following cultural and scientific databases:

Browser Extension for Google Chrome

The Chrome extension is the most feature-rich prototype and serves as the main development and demonstration channel. The EEXCESS browser extension contains innovative features to visualize your search history and your search results and offers intuitive ways for filtering those results. You can find a more detailed explanation of how the browser extension works, including some screenshots, here.
The browser extension prototype is available for free at the Chrome Webstore.
The source code is available at
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WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plug-in is a proof-of-concept so far and provides you with recommendations while editing blog posts and web pages. It can be downloaded here:
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Google Docs Plugin

Like the WordPress plugin, the Google Docs plugin is a proof-of-concept at this stage. The current implementation allows only consumption of content, but will be extended to content creation. The plugin can be downloaded from
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Moodle Plugin

Do you use Moodle to support your lesson preparation? Then you should use the EEXCESS Moodle plugin. It can be downloaded from here:
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Wikipedia Reference Butler

The Wikipedia Reference Butler supports Wikipedia Editors to enrich Wikipedia Articles with references.
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Open Source

All EEXCESS prototypes are made available as Open Source. We use Github as our Open Source platform. If you are interested in using or contributing to EEXCESS, please visit