EEXCESS is a research project which aims to make cultural, scientific and educational content easily accessible and available. The project requires partners who will provide curated content, a sufficiently large number of users, and researchers to analyse the data gathered from these sources.

The following partners contribute their own particular expertise and content to the project.

Most are major players in the fields of Semantic Web, Human Computer Interaction, Recommender Technologies, Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries.



Joanneum Research is a non-profit organisation concentrating on applied research. The Institute for Information and Communication Technologies DIGITAL specialises in web and Internet technologies, image, video and acoustic signal processing together with remote sensing, communication and navigation technologies.


The Chair of Media Computer Science at the University of Passau serves as interdisciplinary bridge between Media and Communication Sciences and Computer Science. The research and teaching focus is on Visual Analytics and Semantic Technologies applied to Social Media Analysis and media-based research data management.

The Chair of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems concentrates on distributed information systems, distributed databases, pervasive multimedia information systems and multimedia engineering, taking into consideration context and usage.

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Know-Center GmbH, founded in 2001, is Austria’s application-oriented research centre for knowledge management and knowledge technologies. It develops innovative visual analytics and knowledge discovery solutions for exploring and navigating large data repositories. Know-Center has strong expertise in the area of visual analytics and knowledge visualization as well as in the text mining field.



The National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) and its DRIM team focus on information retrieval and data management in distributed systems, particularly in large scale (grids, clouds) and collaborative systems. Research topics include data caching and replication, monitoring, data delivery protocols, information and document retrieval, and security with a special emphasis on access control and trust/privacy.

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The German National Library of Economics (ZBW) is the world’s largest specialist library for economics. Its holdings include 4.2 million books, 32,000 journals, and access to 8.2 milion catalogue items in economics referring to more than one million open access documents. As member of the German Leibniz-Association, it provides several infrastructure services to the economics community.

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Bit media is a full-service provider in the core areas of e-learning: content creation, authoring and software development. Within the EEXCESS project bit media will cover the development of the technical framework as well as the creation of use case scenarios for education and school environments.

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Archäologie und Museum Baselland Logo

Archäologie und Museum Baselland, located in Liestal, Switzerland, has a mandate to preserve, convey and provide access to the archaeological and cultural heritage of the region and runs the cantonal museum. It has many years of experience in the management of digital collections.

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collectionstrust logo
Collections Trust is an independent registered charity, partly funded by UK partners including the Arts Council England and Museums Galleries Scotland, with over 30 years of experience in cultural collections management. It campaigns for the public right to access and engage with collections by promoting best practice, encouraging innovation and representing the interests of the cultural sector.


Mendeley is a software and Internet start-up company founded in 2007. Its main efforts go into developing a large scale research platform that supports millions of researchers in the tasks of organising their research, collaborating with colleagues and discovering new research. Since the official launch in January 2009, almost 2 million users have signed up and added almost 200 million articles.

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wissenmedia logo
Wissenmedia is one of Germany’s leading knowledge and learning media companies. Its activities encompass all media platforms including books, DVDs, online and mobile devices. Through its online brands and smart phone apps, wissenmedia maintains a growing community of several million users interested in consuming or creating knowledge.

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