New Version of EEXCESS Chrome Extension released

Right on time for the EEXCESS Final Conference next week, we have released new features for the EEXCESS “flagship” application, the Chrome extension. Here´s what´s new:

First of all, we were able to integrate six new content providers: The Digital Public Library of America , The National Archives UK, Swissbib, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, Rijksmuseum – The Museum of the Netherlands, and So, together with the databases we started with (Mendeley, Europeana, EconBiz and KIM.Portal), EEXCESS now can provide a wide range of content from science and culture from all over Europe and also beyond.

The EEXCESS Chrome extension now also supports the German Language (in addition to English). This means, the application now can extract and process main topics and keywords in German language, so it is easier now to search and find German, Austrian and Swiss content.

Furthermore, we have now implemented a true personalization of your search on the basis of previous searches you conducted. The paragraphs of a web page you are reading are sub-divided into several short segments, and then the keywords of that paragraph are selected that has the greatest compliance with your user profile. Of course, as before, the keywords can be adapted, changed, deleted or completed manually.

And, last but not least, we have a new visualisation feature: a “sunburst visualisation”, which is accessible via the dashboard.

Got curious but have no EEXCESS extension installed yet? No problem, just click here to download: Chrome web store .

Try it out and give us your feedback!



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