EEXCESS at Europeana AGM

Christin_Europeana_AGMThis week Christin Seifert (Uni Passau) and Werner Bailer (Joanneum Research) from the EEXCESS consortium travelled to Amsterdam to join the Europeana Network Association´s Annual General Meeting.
The slogan of the meeting was “We are Europeana”, meaning that all member organisations from all European countries are part of the European history and should make a joint effort to preserve and distribute cultural heritage content.
EEXCESS contributed two ignite talks: Werner Bailer reflected on metatdata quality which is crucial to gather content from totally different databases in a unified way for the EEXCESS federated recommender. Christin Seifert talked about the challenge of connecting users and GLAM content and the EEXCESS solution for that.
The meeting showed that the goals of the EEXCESS project are prominently reflected in the cultural heritage community. Christin and Werner talked to a lot of people to connect to potential data providers and adopters of EEXCESS components.


* Werner Bailer: Measure for Measure: Quantifying Metadata Quality
* Christin Seifert: Cultural Content in Context
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