KIM-Portal: The hidden treasures of Baselland (Switzerland)


Presentation of the first EEXCESS prototype to delegates of small cultural institutions at the KIM.Portal launch.

In April 2015, after three years of intensive work, the team members of the KIM-Project were happy to invite a broad audience to a dedicated presentation and celebration event of the KIM-Portal. The KIM infrastructure manages and presents the digital cultural heritage objects of the canton Baselland. It provides a centralized management of metadata and digital surrogates of the participating small museums (KIM.collect), collaboration and knowledge exchange functionalities for the members (KIM.connect) and a digital public “showroom” of the collections of the member museums (KIM.portal). The portal disposes of a range of functionalities to search and filter within ten thousands of objects.


Silvia Russegger from Joanneum Research, Graz (EEXCESS coordinator) and Ludwig Gantner from Museum BL, also partner in the EEXCESS project

As the federal Department of Archaeology and Museum (“Archäologie und Museum Baselland”) is working as an innovation partner in the EEXCESS project, it was the goal from the very beginning to ensure that the collection of the digital content also will be delivered to and exploited by the EEXCESS infrastructure. It’s a win-win situation: EEXCESS is now able to access a variety of digital collections from small institutions in the greater area of Basel, Switzerland, that typically are unknown outside the region. On the other hand with EEXCESS the small museums have found a way, to spread their content and knowledge outside the local boundaries and reach a much bigger population.

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