EEXCESS at International Science 2.0 Conference


Christin Seifert talking to Timo Borst, both members of the EEXCESS team, at the International Science 2.0 Conference in Hamburg. Foto: Timo Wilke

Last week, 145 participants from 10 countries came together to discuss science 2.0 – related topics like altmetrics, citizen science, big data analytics – and EEXCESS. Christin Seifert from the University of Passau presented Personalized Interactive Access to Digital Library Content – Lessons Learned in the EEXCESS Project in a talk.

Among the conference participants, there were a lot of discussions about the political technological and legal impact of Science 2.0 practices.You can find the whole programme and the speakers´slides here.

Next year, the conference will take place in Cologne, during the 1st week of April. For this will be the last project year for EEXCESS, we will use the conference to present our final prototypes and summarize our scientific findings. So, please save the date!

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