EEXCESS – How does it work

#3 The Google Docs plugin

Imagine you are writing a grant proposal. While you are writing, you wish you´d have some literature references to underline your point.


Please click to enlarge the screenshot!

Just mark a word or a passage in your text and click on the button “Get recommendations”. Promptly you will get a list with potential references from the EEXCESS databases (e.g. from EconBiz for economic literature). You do not have to leave your work environment anymore to search online databases.

The Google Docs plugin is still a proof-of-concept, which means, recommendations are not personally tailored yet. We are working on that. Meanwhile, you can try it anyway and see if it is of any use for you. You can find an installation guide here. Admittedly, installation still is a little bit complicated.

If you try it out, please don´t forget to give us your feedback at Thank you!

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