EEXCESS – How does it work?

# 2 The WordPress Plug-In

Although the Chrome extension is the most extensive tool that comprises the most features, the WordPress plug-in also demonstrates very well the possibilities that lie behind the EEXCESS concept.

The source code and an installation guide can be found here.

To use the EEXCESS-WordPress-plugin create or edit a post. Inside the WordPress text editor you can get recommendations by simply selecting the text and clicking the “Get Recommendation”-button inside the EEXCESS area beneath the editor. An alternative to this method is, to write #eexcess:keyword# or multiple keywords with #eexcess:keyword1 keyword2# (e.g. #eexcess:Munich Bavaria#). The plugin will automatically strip the keyword from this phrase and try to get recommendations for the given keyword.

EEXCESS Deliverable Template

The WordPress plugin can be used while creating a new post entry. While writing a text, one can link certain terms with a more expressive link, in our example the city of Passau. To get the recommendations the words have to be selected and the “get recommendations” button must be hit.

EEXCESS Deliverable Template

The result list is now being created and an appropriate result can be selected. This link can be inserted in the edited text above.

Instead of using the above described workflow, you can also activate the search by using the shortcut “#eexcess:<KEYWORD>#”. After typing this, the search is active.

EEXCESS Deliverable Template

Two new options to trigger the recommendation workflow have been introduced in the latest version of the plugin:

1. A Button in the text editor panel.

EEXCESS Deliverable Template

2. And the keyboard shortcut ctrl + e.

Moreover, a feature has been added, that allows the user to insert either http-links or citations into the text. To do so, after querying the recommender, the user must position the cursor at the place where the link is to be inserted. After this, the user can optionally select the preferred citation style.

EEXCESS Deliverable Template

The results looks either like this:

EEXCESS Deliverable Template

or like this:

EEXCESS Deliverable Template



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