Who we are (9) – Know-Center

KC-Team_eexceesThe Know-Center is Austria’s Research Center for Data-driven Business and sees itself as an IT innovator at the interface between science and industry. Since its founding in 2001, the Know-Center develops innovative IT solutions and has been training Data Scientists on the highest level. No wonder, then, that the Know-Center is part of the team in the EU project EEXCESS in the fields of “adaptive augmentation user interfaces” and “personalized recommendation”.

The Styrian research center examines and develops components for the analysis of linked data for visual recommendation results and interactive mechanisms to generate user feedback. In addition, the researchers in Graz are working on visual, content-based augmentation of websites, blogs or wikis.

Furthermore the Know-Center is researching and developing scalable and extensible open source federated recommendation techniques that allow the integration of available expert knowledge as well as information from user profiles including the context of the user in the recommendations at the same time. The focus of our work is on the long tail content, typical for the type of content provided by our project partners and will exploit diversity and serendipity effects.

Roman Kern
Know Center Graz


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