Project EEXCESS reaches first milestone

Our first annual review meeting with EU project evaluators took place on March, 20th to 21st in Luxembourg. Having already had a long review preparation day on the 19th, these were two very demanding days for all participants. But they were fortunately also very successful.

The different workpackage teams were able to show various prototypes for visualisation (Work Package 2), context detection (WP 5), meta-data mapping (WP 4) and privacy preservation (WP 6).
Also, we were able to show a browser-based integrated prototype covering all aspects of the EEXCESS pipeline and all work packages: meta-data mapping, federated recommendations, context-detection, privacy-preservation and visualization.

We had inspiring and detailed discussions with the review committee about the various aspects of the project and received valuable feedback on our progress.  In the field of dissemination, we could present our explanation video, where we outline in plain words the aspects of the project for the everyday user.

Finally, we received a very positive first oral feedback from the reviewers on the project so far. They especially stressed our ability to  show prototypes and the good scientific coordination and project management.
The upcoming project year will be about showing the validity and practicability of our approach in the various test beds.

Christin Seifert
Universität Passau


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