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Passau_BlogTwo chairs of the University of Passau collaborate in the EU project.

The main focus areas of the Chair of Mediainformatics (MICS, headed by Prof. Michael Granitzer) are machine learning from rich social media sources and adaptive user interfaces.The chair also participated in the FP7-Strep CODE gaining experience in supporting scholarly processes using social semantic systems.

The Chair of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems (DIMIS, headed by Prof. Kosch) is concerned with privacy aspects when accessing large databases within EEXCESS. Further,  DIMIS contributes to standardization issues in the Semantic Web context.

In the course of several national and international projects (e.g., the FP DANAE project, the BMWi Theseus project, the BMU RegMod-Harz project) and collaborations (e.g., the MPEG-7/21 community meetings and trainings), the chair has gained expertise in distributed systems and multimedia information management and engineering.

The Passau team’s vision is to provide intuitive, personalized access to cultural heritage and educational content while preserving users’ privacy and demonstrate its value in the various test bed scenarios.

From a research perspective we are interested in automatically generating privacy-preserving semantic user profiles and personalized interactive user interfaces for recommendation results.

Apart from the research agenda, the Uni Passau team is responsible for the scientific coordination of the project by Michael Granitzer. Our main task is to bring together the various research teams, test bed partners and data providers as well as to bridge the gap between research prototypes and working test bed installations.

Looking back at the first year of the project, we are happy to be part of the motivated and agile EEXCESS team and are looking forward to the upcoming project time.


UNI PASSAU http://www.uni-passau.de

MICS http://mics.fim.uni-passau.de

DIMIS http://www.fim.uni-passau.de/de/fim/fakultaet/lehrstuehle/verteilte-informationssysteme.html

Christin Seifert
Universität Passau




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