EEXCESS Welcome Session for Teachers

On October 16th, my colleague Irmgard Hoislbauer and I (on behalf of bit media) hosted an EEXCESS Welcome Session for a group of teachers from Styria, Austria.

EEXCESS services will be integrated in the SITOS learning management system.

EEXCESS services will be integrated into the learning management system SITOS.

The teachers, who constitute a focus user group for our project, have been made familiar with EEXCESS and its aims. They were shown how to work with the SITOS e-learning platform and the integrated EasyWIKI, the latter providing the integration point for EEXCESS services in a later stage of the process.

We were curious to hear the teachers’ feedback on our scenario definitions for the educational context and were glad when they confirmed the validity of these scenarios. Also, we got the confirmation that our assumptions about privacy issues in educational settings have been correct: no individual data may be transferred out of the schools, whereas aggregated data should be no problem – important information for the EEXCESS researchers who are working on personalised and contextualised recommendation technologies.

The teachers are keen to use the EEXCESS features and integrate them in their classes. In fact, they have been asking during the presentation: “And where can we see the recommendations now?”

As our project is still in an early phase, they’ll have to be patient until the first prototypes will be presented. In the meantime, they promised to support our research activities by disseminating the ideas of our project in general and the survey on user interface options in particular.

After this promising first meeting, we are looking forward to an inspiring and prolific collaboration!

Gerhard Doppler
International Development, bit media e-solutions GmbH

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