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Bit media is a full-service provider in the core areas of e-learning: content creation, authoring and software development. It is part of bit group, the biggest private adult education provider in Austria.

Within the EEXCESS project, bit media will cover the development of the technical framework as well as the creation of use case scenarios for education and school environments. We are benefitting from the close connection with schools that we have established through different products and programs. One of these products is the Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate (ESC) training package – also called “Unternehmerführerschein” – which is well established in Austria and Germany as well as in other countries like France, the Czech Republic and Poland.

13.09.24 Who we are BITWhile the training package is available as books and CD-ROMs its e-learning content is often placed on our learning management system SITOS. Here we intend to integrate EEXCESS services to give additional high quality recommendations to teachers and pupils. A plain text version of our ESC content will serve as reference corpus to enrich the user context and improve the quality of recommendations.

We expect that teachers can prepare better additional content and that pupils will use EEXCESS recommended references in their works. An important side effect will be to easily learn proper citation of these references.

While our experience in EU-funded projects was mainly focused on adult and professional education we are hoping to have a good integration point for schools in the recently announced ERASMUS+ program which will start in 2014.

Gerhard Doppler
International Development, bit media e-solutions GmbH
E-Mail: Gerhard.Doppler@bitmedia.cc

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