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The department “Archäologie und Museum Baselland” (AMBL) – located in Liestal, Switzerland – is part of the federal state administration for culture in the canton Baselland with the mandate to preserve, convey and provide access to the archaeological and cultural heritage of the region. The institution acts as a central contact point and centre of competence for all matters of collection administration.

In 2005, “Archäologie und Museum Baselland” introduced a new documentation system covering all areas of the collections. Since 2007, the department has been continuously investing a lot of effort in digitisation activities and the usage of digitised cultural heritage material.

In 2012, the regional project KIM.BL was started, aiming to connect local museums on many levels using a webbased software solution. Based on that, and with the goal of broadening usage of the infrastructure, the department qualified for being a testbed partner and content provider within the EEXCESS project. It is the first time for our institution to participate in such a context.

Ludwig Gantner, Ralph Gasser and Jörg Hampe from AMBL during a visit at ZBW in Hamburg.

Ludwig Gantner, Ralph Gasser and Jörg Hampe from AMBL during a visit at ZBW in Hamburg.

It is our goal to provide EEXCESS with the considerable experience we made in the field of collecting, managing and delivering scientific digital data. The collection will be used to test the new software components in all their functionalities. In return, we aim to broaden our network and explore new ways of how information can be used and spread to various communities, reaching them in different contexts.

We consider it to be a big chance and challenge to participate in this project and we are proud to be part of it.

Ludwig Gantner
Research associate, Archäologie und Museum Baselland
E-Mail: Ludwig.Gantner@bl.ch

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