@EEXCESS starts tweeting

Today, the EEXCESS project joined Twitter. The purpose of our account is to stay in touch with the people who are sharing our vision and research interests. Consequently, we want to use the Twitter page for giving you a heads up on the progress of our project, but we will also be tweeting about all kinds of topics relating to the EEXCESS research fields and objectives – e.g. cultural heritage, digital repositories, memory organisations, semantic technologies, user privacy, open access in science and education, science 2.0, and much more…

As the German National Library of Economics ZBW is responsible for the dissemination activities of our project (leader of the work package “Dissemination & Exploitation”, to be precise), the @EEXCESS tweets will be edited mostly by Ebba Schröder (who, by the way, is also a professed Twitter lurker under the name @SchrEbba). If you have any questions concerning the EEXCESS Twitter account, feel free to contact her.

Thank you for following, reading and retweeting!


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