Mendeley Workshop on Academic-Industrial Collaborations for Recommender Systems

Last week, Mendeley hosted an all day workshop on Academic-Industrial Collaborations for Recommender Systems. In the morning and early afternoon we were treated to seven talks from a variety of speakers who shared their experiences of academic-industrial collaborations and recommender systems. Two of the speakers, Benjamin Habegger (INSA Lyon) and Mark Levy (Mendeley), are EEXCESS researchers.

We finished the afternoon by splitting into smaller groups to discuss the challenges involved in making such collaborations a success and sharing useful advice with one another. As we all gathered back to share our thoughts and conclusions, it turned out that we all seemed to share similar problems in making academic industry collaborations successful.

13.07.18 mendeley-recommender-workshop

Conclusions: Working in academic-industrial collaborations is hugely rewarding but it can be tough. Finding the right partners who understand each other’s goals and constraints is important from the outset. We can all learn from one another but we need to put in some effort in order to enjoy the rewards.

For more information and the videotaped talks please go to

Kris Jack
Chief Data Scientist at Mendeley

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