EEXCESS aims to develop new technologies to enrich existing content dissemination channels (e.g. social media) and content creation processes (e.g. blogging) with high-quality content from educational, scientific and cultural resources.

Key Objective 01_Enrichment of contentIn our approach, we differentiate between two content related processes in the web: content consumption like reading web pages and surfing the web and content creation like authoring web pages or social media content. Instead of providing a completely new portal, EEXCESS aims to integrate high-quality long-tail content into those processes by so-called augmentation interfaces. Those adaptive visual interfaces unobtrusively inject recommendation results into existing web pages or browsers.

Besides presenting the actual recommendations, context-dependent infographics generated from metadata information are provided. Thus, not only the information content of the page is extended but also the understanding of the topic of interest is enhanced. For example, when reading a Wikipedia page or a blog post on the Greek financial crisis, users should be given not only additional background material such as scientific publications and expert interviews, but also an infographic illustrating the timeline of rising or falling interest rates.

Similarly, during content creation processes, we aim to support the authors by recommending background material from digital libraries like the ZBW or Europeana, digital cultural aggregators like Collections Trust or scientific databases like Mendeley.

Personalisation along with unobtrusive interfaces will become a corner stone for high user acceptance. Hence, thoughtful user interface design jointly with highly related recommendation will be one of our major research challenges.

The key objectives of EEXCESS:
1. Enrichment of content
2. Personalised recommendation
3. Privacy Preservation