EEXCESS Prototypes

EEXCESS Extension for Google Chrome
Get recommendations for related content from cultural and scientific databases as you browse.
Download the prototype!
EEXCESS Plug-In for Moodle
Enrich your lesson preparation and your homework with references from cultural and scientific databases.
Download the prototype!
EEXCESS Plug-In for WordPress
Enhance your blog post with interesting cultural or scientific references or pictures.
Download the prototype!
EEXCESS Plug-In for Google Docs
Enrich your paper, essay or article with relevant references to other sources, brought to you automatically.
Download the prototype!

Take the content to the user

The vision of EEXCESS is to push high-quality content from the so-called long tail to platforms and devices which are used every day. Instead of navigating a multitude of libraries, repositories and databases, users will find relevant and specialised information in their habitual environment.

This short Flash video demonstrates our principle of taking the content to the user, not the user to the content. It’s simple, but ground-breaking!